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ACQ (QCA) Ultrasonic Ampoule Cleaning Machine


This cleaning machine is used to clean ampoules as well as oral liquid vials. It is of horizontal type a rotor structure, and incorporates ultrasonic cleaning technique with the cleaning method of jetting high-pressure water and airflow. The cleaning effect is excellent. The machine is in conformity with the GMP standards, and it can not only operate independently, but also operate jointly with sterilizing and drying machine and ampoule filling and sealing machine to from a compact line.

ACQ(QCA) Technical Parameter:


QCA12/1-20ml Ultrasonic ampoule cleaning machine

ACQ18/1-20ml Ultrasonic ampoule cleaning machine

Specification suit

1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml Ampoule

1ml, 2ml, 5ml, 10ml, 20ml Ampoule

Max capacity

1ml, 2ml:    21000ampoule/h
5ml:    16000 ampoule/h
10ml:    12000 ampoule/h
20ml:     7000 ampoule/h

1ml, 2ml: 24000-26000ampoule/h
5ml:      18000 ampoule/h
10ml:      14000 ampoule/h
20ml:       7000 ampoule/h

Eligible ratio


Distilled Water

0.25Mpa 50℃; 0.45m3/h

0.25Mpa 50℃;0.6m3/h

Compressed Air





Outline Dimension

            1750x2120x1290 (mm)




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