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DPB-80 Flat Plate Automatic Blister Packing Machine

Instruction and features:

The machine is of flat-plate structure, with pressing, molding, meshes heat-sealing,
adjustable travel range, for small size of body and ease of operation. It is applied to Al-plastic packaging for capsule, tablet, candy, healthcare, small hardware etc.It is widely used in small pharmacy factory, preparation-room of hospital institute laboratory, minimotor test workshop .The machine reaches advanced level in china.

With manipulator towing and adjustable travel range, it can be suited for blister packing of various sizes.

Flat plate structure can pack special shape prouducts, such as:elliptic shape, square shape, triangle shape liquid, paste and syringe etc

The whole procedure of feeding, forming, heat-sealing, impressing, batch number printing and cutting is accomplished automatically and continuously machine is small in size , with frequency inverter and ease of operation.

Eye marking sealing device with sensor trace can be added for option
Plexiglas cover can be added for option.

Main technical parameters:

Cutting Frequency(Times/min)


Max.Production Capacity(Blister/h)

2400(According to standard plate 80*57)

Max. Forming Area and Depth(mm)

80*100*26 (Standard 70*90*14)

Travel Range(mm)

20-100(Can be manufactured as use's requirements)

Air Pressure(Mpa)


Standard Plate(mm)

80*57(Can be manufactured as user's requirements)

Total Power

380V/220V 50Hz 3.6kw

Main Motor Power (kw)


PVC Rigid Sheet(mm)


PTP Aluminum Foil(mm)


Dialysis Paper(mm)


Mould Cooling

Tap Water Or Circulating Water

Overall Dimensions(mm)





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