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CXP Ultrasonic Bottle Cleaning Machine

This washer is suitable for small capacity vials, it acquires the reel structure, after the vials have been roughly ultrasonic washed, flush the vials with recycle water, distill water for many times, then blow away the drops by purified compressed air to finish the wash procedure.
This washer has a simple structure, reliable movements and accord with the GMP standards which is the ideal equipment for pharmaceutical and health products manufacturers.
Main technical specifications:
Production capacity: 80~120 bottles/min.
Application range: 7-20ml antibiotic bottle
Recycle water flux:  0.5m3 /h Pressure:0.2 ~ 0.25Mpa
Distilled water flux: 0.5m3 /h Pressure:0.2 ~ 0.25Mpa
Pressure:      0.2~0.25MPa  
Ultrasonic Power:    0.5Kw
Electric Source:     220V 60Hz
Main Power:       3Kw
Purified compressed air consumption rate: 30m3 /h

Operating Principle:
The vials are arranged by the vial supply plate and enter the thumb wheels, the couple of thumb wheels rotate in opposite directions, in each circle, 4~8 vials are stirred into the vial washing drum; the drum does tenth intermittent movement, when the drum pauses, vials enter it, there are 10 groups of vial feeding tracks on the drum, each track is divided into two parts, the first one is the ultrasonic process area and the second one is the wash area. During each pause, the same numbers of vials leave the drum as the ones enter. All the finished vials will be sent in the complete chamber.
Equipment Plan:

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