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DJ-2 Light Inspector

This is a machine for inspecting the items such as sealing of antibiotic bottle, dose quantity and impurity status, etc. Lighted by the white lamp and magnified by magnifier, all the inspection items of the transparent vials and the medicament are clear.
Technical Specifications:
Application range:    7-20 ml antibiotic bottle
Inspection speed:    80-100 bottle/min.
Magnification times:   1.5
Electric source:     220V 60Hz Three-phases and four lines system
Total Power:      0.6Kw
Structure Plan:

Operating Principle:
The antibiotic bottle to be inspected enter the vial supply plate, with the rotation of the plate, they are arranged to 2 rows then enter the second thumb wheel. The thumb wheel stirs them to the lamp inspection position for inspection. After that, they are sent out of the lamp box to the next procedure.
Single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the plate, another single-phase capacitance electric motor drives the second thumb wheel to feed the vials into the lamp inspection position in patches, there is parallel lights on the back of the vials and amplifier on the front. In this way, all the items to be inspected are clear. When there are unqualified vials, please loose the pedal to stop the machine, take out the unqualified bottle from the top and then tread the pedal to restart .

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