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DG series desk-top liquid filling machine

Instruction and features:
A. DG series precise filling machine of Zhongnan meets the market requirement beca use of its precision, small size, application and low market price .The DG series continually inherits precision of Zhongnan large type filling machine which produces a series of products through simplification and condense.
B. The DG series machines are used widely in different scopes, including small and medium-size pharmaceutical factories, medicine-making office of hospitals, schools, laboratory in science and research unit, animal’s health food factories, food and beverage factories, chemical factories, pesticide factories, private enterprises and large scale enterprises.
C. Filling scope: eye drops, ampoule injection, vials injection, various oral liquid, injection liquid, cooking oil, honey, shampoo, chemical product, animal’s medicine and pesticide .etc
D. The production of transfusion, liquid, oral liquid and ampoule injection has the same production line with DG series production .It takes up a large sale share in the Nation because of excellent technology and reliable quality.
Main technical parameter:
(a): The power adopted a type of fixed gear transmission, adjusted speed by electron, running steadily and low noise, the speed is adjustable continuously.
(b): The metric pump is used a type of Zhongnan GCB4B filling machine .This machine won national silver award, the piston is used the innocuous and wearable sealing circle .Therefore ,the piston has compact structure ,with good sealing performance and long working life.
(c): The measurement of filling can be filled with the relative specification of filling machine, filling solution is from 0.2ml-1000ml, with light weight, convenient to use and putting optionally, the filling can be fine adjustment in order to satisfy different customers’ requirement.
(d): The power of 220V is adopted

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