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GCB+DXZ Liquid foam-elimination filling and screw capping machine

Instruction and features:
A. This linkage line consisted of common bottle-handling machine, GCB2/8 Foam-elimination filling machine and DXZ-11cap-screwing and capping machine.
B. It can finish such as procedures automatically handling bottles, conveying bottles, four heads
foam-elimination filling, cap handling, cap-screwing, outputting bottles. The speed can be adjusted signally for handling bottles, filling, cap handling, cap-screwing so that ensure stable running of linkage line, the gynecology with many foams are used for washing liquid. This machine can eliminate foam completely and hasn’t drips while on filling.
C. The cap-screwing part of machine has improved greatly in original foundation of royal .The original power and running structure for catch plate move into behind position from the above position This machine has excellent stable running due to barycenter moving toward behind.
D. It also has another key technology that the curve of cam for filling, cap-screwing and capping has specialty, the cam curve consisted of various curves, the filling dosage is very average in the course of filling. The pipe is filling and lifting, which avoid producing foam while striking dosage, the cam of cap-screwing and capping have consistent rotation speed, running stably and reliable cap-adding. The liquid in bottle isn’t flowing out; the special curve of cam has applied for the patent.

Main technical parameter:
1: Filling scope: 50-1000ml
2: Applied bottles: Circle, square, flat, shaped glass bottles and plastic bottles
3: Speed of filling cap-screwing: 40-80bottles/min
4: Motor power: 1.25kw 220v 50Hz (adjustable speed motor)
5: Overall dimension: 5000 x1000 x1650mm
6: Net weight: 600kg

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