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XKG6/8 Narrow-mouth irregular-shape bottle filling machine

Instruction and features:
A. The liquid filling of small diameter bottle has adopted the negative pressure type for many years. There was large diversity in line of filling of solutions in vials because of a large difference in the bottle’s cubage. You should immerged or immerged phialine into the liquid while negative pressure filling. It caused to slime pollution for the neck and body of bottle that can’t fully comply with the requirement of GMP.
B. Our factory settled these problems successfully and become the largest manufacture for the small narrow-mouthed bottles filling machines in national market; the machine deliveries the bottle automatically while orienting twice through localizer, therefore the spout is inserted in bottle correctly. The spout goes up slowly and eliminates the bubble completely while filling liquid.
C. Our machine is best suited for various baroque bottles which can’t stick up because of adopting the support orienting device.
D. The filling precision of this machine reaches ±0.5%.This machine fully complies with requirements of GMP absolutely because of no slime pollution.

Main technical parameter:

1: Filling range: 1-100ml
2: Filling heads: 2-10 heads
3: Filling precision: ±0.5%
4: Filling speed: 60-100 bottles/min
5: Applicable bottles: circle bottle, square bottle, oblate bottle, abnormity bottle and plastic bottle
6: Motor power: 0.5kw 220V 50Hz (accurate timing electric motor)
7: Overall dimension: 2600 x1000 x1650mm3
8: Net weight: 200kg

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