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DGZ8 Oral liquid washing, drying, filing and capping machine

Instruction and features
A. This machine consisted of ultrasonic cleaning machine, sterilization drier, oral liquor filling and capping machine, it can finish such as procedure ultrasonic cleaning, water flushing, air flushing, drying and sterilization, filling, capping and counting etc.
B. It is mainly used in linkage production of oral liquor and small dose liquor. It is an ideal linkage set that can also be constituted the labeling machine.

Main technical parameter
1: Applicable specification: 5-100ml
2: Production capacity: 60-180bottles/min
3: Errors of filling dosage: less than 2%
4: Qualified rate of capping: more than 99%
5: Total weight: 500kg
6: Overall dimension: 8500 x2100 x2400mm

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