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GD6-200C Given-bag Packing Machine

A. Function and characteristics
1. This machine adopts imported PLC, man-machine interface and is stable and easy maintenance.
2. Procedure: Clip the bag, print codes, open bags, fill and vibrates bags, seal bags, neaten and output packages.
3. It has auto checking function. If the bag is not been open or open entirely, the machine will not fill and seal. The bag can used again and no wasting. This machine can not only apply in flat bags, but also stand-up bags.
4. Use flat conveyer style to giving bag, it can put on more bags on the bag storage.
5. It can adjust the clips of the six working position at the same time, just need adjust one of the screw which is control the wide size of bag, then the all clips will adjust to the same width. It can save the time and suitable for more different size of bags, especially suitable for the customer who often adjust the wide size of bag.
6. Design safety equipment, when the heat up tube disconnection or the machine working in the abnormal air pressure, the machine will automatic stop and alarm.
7. Use the importation of the engineering plastic axletree, don’t need the oil, it can reduce the pollution of the material. 8. Use no oil vacuum pump which is produced by Japan, reduce the pollution of the production environment.
9. This machine can not only apply in flat bags, but also stand-up bags.
10. Contact with the material partial materials is the stainless steel.
B. Specifications
1. Speed: ≤45bags/min
2. Size of bags: W: 100-210mm L: 350mm
3. type of bags: flat bag and stand up bag
3. Voltage: 380V/50HZ
4. Total Power: 1.5KW

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