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GMH Series High-temperature Sterilization Tunnel Oven

This machine is the support equipment of the liquid, powder production lines which is used for drying and sterilizing different types of glasses. It acquires the far infrared ray quartz tube for heating so that it can raise the temperature very fast, has high thermal efficiency and it can fully sterilize. The cooling segment set 100 classes vertical laminar flow equipment, automatic temperature record and over heating alarm, etc. It is accord with the GMP medicine production specifications.
Main Technical Specifications:
Application Range :       7-20 ml antibiotic bottle
Production capacity:       80~120 vials/min
Temperature adjustment range:  50~ 350 °C
Cooling Method:        100 class vertical laminar flow cooling
Effective sterilizing time:     >10 min. in the heated zone
Air Draft:           3400~ 3800m 3 /h Full Pressure 180~320 Pa
Main Power:         ≤ 25KW
Electric Source:        220V 60Hz Three-phase and four-wire system (shell shall be effectively earthed)
Operating Principle:
After decelerated by the reducer, the reducer drives the main shaft to rotate slowly, there are two groups of chain wheel on the shaft. Stainless steel chains are installed on the two sides of the belt conveyer which is driven by the chain wheel to move up and down. The vials need to be sterilized and dried are put on the belt then they are brought through the three zones of pre-heating, high temperature and cooling which fully dries, sterilizes and cools the vials
The air curtain can lock the quantity of heat within the high temperature box; the heating within the box is accomplished by a group of heating tubes, the temperature can be controlled by the temperature controller and record by the recorder; cooling is provided by the cooling fan, after filtered by the high efficiency filter, the vials are sterilized and dust free.
Structure Plan:

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