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WZ-50/WZ-100 Automatic high speed pill making machine


The machine is a pill-producing equipment rebuilt on the basic of original machine, has features such as round pill, dispensing with filtration and plastic, close operating, etc. in relative with the same kind products, is a regenerating product of pill producing equipment at present.
Working Principles:

Put well-proportioned mixed spicery into medical filler that has close device, through drug-pressing flap of feeding inlet, under the pressing of spiral thruster to push out several drug strips with same diameter. After getting into pill-making spatula synchronously under the controlling of self-control guiding-wheel, turn out even pills continuously.
Technological Features:

Steady performances, easy operation, close operating. Adopts stainless steel in the part of contacting with medicine, and satisfy the GMP standard.
Adopt special pill-producing structure, very round pill, forms one-off and don't need to filtrate and plastic.
Strips are out evenly and synchrony is good, disintegration is accord with pharmacopoeia.
The feeding position is suitable, convenient to detach and clean, high grade of automatization, good sealed performance that decreases to infect.
It has the cooling device (matched accessory), which can decrease the temperature and stickiness of drug strips in favor pressure concentrated pills. Adjustable pitch pushing and pressure constructor can adapt to the great mass of water-pill producing with certain stickiness.
Main Technical Specifications:




Production Capacity

15 -50kg /h

60 -120kg /h

Pill-producing specification

Ф2/Ф3/Ф4/Ф5-Ф 12mm

Ф2/Ф3/Ф4/Ф5-Ф 12mm

Application field

Sweet pill, water pill, sweet-water pill, concentrated pill, mushy pill etc.

Sweet pill, water pill, sweet-water pill, concentrated pill, mushy pill etc.

Total power



Overall size

985x565x 830mm

1520x780x 1300mm





220V 150W

220V 150W

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