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DW-1 Dripping pill machine

Instruction and features:
This machine is made of high quality stainless steel materials and complies with GMP standards. With its advantages of good roundness of dripping pills, average size and high automation. So it is a type of ideal equipment for the test of dripping pills in the pharmaceutical industry and for teaching and test in colleges and universities
Main technical parameter:
1: Diameter of dripping pills: 2-5mm
2: Weight of dripping pills: less than 60mg
3: Production capacity: 60 pills/min
4: Bucket volume: 0.5L
5: Bucket temperature:80-90℃
6: Condensing medium: methyl silicone oil or paraffin oil
7: Heat preservation oil of bucket: 40 model machine oil
9: Heating power: 2.5kw

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