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RYP-Screw Powder Packing System Machine

Instruction and features:

The packing machine incorporated with Auger filling system is applicable for free flow, non free flow powder/granules material in the field of the Food, Chemical & Cosmetics, Pharmaceutical industries, such as milk powder, flour, cornstarch, bean powder, medicine powder, detergent of powder, cleaner and so on.
System components:

Auger conveyor、Auger filler 、Form fill seal machine、Output conveyor 、Metal detector、Check weight balance.

Main technical parameter:

Bag size

Operation by machine

Measure method

Screw filling

Filling range (g)


Packaging speed(bag/min)


Filling accuracy

≤100g   more or less    ≤0.5-1g
100-1000g   more or less ≤0.5%-1%
>1000g   more or less  ≤0.25%-0.5%

Power  (filling machine)

(3 file) 380V

Power  (packaging machine)

(1 file) 220V/50-60Hz

Power  (kw)


Weight  (kg)


Auger conveyor
This part is mainly used with GMB packing machine to reduce the dust, relieve intensity of labor, and raise the labor efficiency. Its material has two kinds which are stainless steel and carbon steel.


Main technical parameter:

Transport height: 1600mm (can adjust height according to buyer’s special requirement)
Power:  AC380V 50HZ.1.5KW
Total weight:  60kg 
Storage hopper capacity: 80-300kg 
Conveying capacity :500-3000kg/hour


Conveyor belt
Be made of 304 stainless steel and plastic(PP),mainly used to connect the package machine and check weigher or working platform.


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