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RYP-400 Hammer type high speed pulverizer

Instruction and features:
A. This machine adopts a crushing method of hammer type which consisted of the outer gear tray and inner tray with high speed rotation. The inner tray isn’t a gear, but rather six active hammers of T shape.
B .After the material flowing into the crushing chamber, which is stroked and cut by six active hammers of T shape, and also cutting through outer fixed gear tray, then the materials become small granules and further become smaller gradually due to mutual striking between materials. Finally the small granules enter the collecting powder bag under the action of airstreams through the sieve pore. The size of sieve pore diameter decides on filtrating fineness, the user can exchange the sieve net according to demand.
C. This machine is best suited for crushing various kinds of materials such as Chinese medicine, western medicine, ore and chemicals raw material.
D. This machine fully complies with GMP requirements because the interface of machine, chute and outer shell are made of stainless steel.
Main technical parameter:
1: Crushing sugar: 400Kg/h
2: Production capacity: 75-200kg/h
3:Crushing fineness: 40-150 mesh
4:Working temperature:<40°
5: Feeding size: 70 x60mm
6: Rotary speed of main arbor: 3500r/min
7: Working noise: 70db
9: Motor power: 7.5kw
10: Weight: 360kg
11: Overall dimension: 1600x 1300 x700mm

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