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Pulverizer series

Mixer Machine series

Tablet press series

Pill making machine series

Capsule filling machine series

Granulation machine series

Sugar coating machine series

Tablet/capsule counting machine

Capping and sealing machine series

Filling and sealing machine series

Packing machine series

Ampoule filling and sealing machine

Aluminum and plastic packaging machine series

Aluminum foil sealing machine

Carton packing machine

Labeling machine
Production Line

Ampoule production line

Oral liquid production line

Eye drop production line

Antibiotic bottle powder line

Bottle Packing Auto Production Line

Soft gelatin production line



Dies and spare parts for the tablet press

Ring Die of ZPW21 and ZP33 Tablet Press

Irregular Die of ZP17,19,33 and 35 Tablet Press

Irregular Die of ZP21, 25 Tablet Press

Spare Parts for Tablet Press

Varies Tablet Sample for Different Tablet Press

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