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XZG Planet Type Capping Machine

This machine is suitable for aluminium cap seal of vials, it acquires eight heads continuous sealing, guillotine is single type so that it has the advantage of simple structure, smoothly running and high output. It is the ideal ancillary equipment for the vials pouring in product line.
Technical Specifications:
Application range:   7ml~20ml antibiotic bottle
Production capacity:  80~100 bottles/min.
Capping rate:     ≥99 %
Failure rate:      ≤1‰
Electric source:     220V 60Hz Three-Phase Four Line System
Total Power:      1KW
Main Structure:

Main Structure: it consists of vial arranging plate, front thumb wheel, back thumb wheel, capping group, vibrating cap arranging and vial releasing shelf.
Operating Principle:
The vial arranging plate takes charge of arranging vials and send them to the front thumb wheel; the front thumb wheel prod the caps into the gap of the capping thumb wheel and draw on the aluminum cap on the vial neck automatically during prodding; the caps are arranged and sent by electromagnetic oscillator automatically; after the caps entered the gap of the capping thumb wheel, the base of the vial rises, rotate and compact the vial and cap together with the cap screw, the caprotate and revolute cling to the guillotine to be sealed; then the base of the vial descends, the sealed vial enters the back thumb wheel and probed into the cap releasing shelf by the back thumb wheel.

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