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YWJ152 Soft Gelatin Production Line

YWJ152 soft gelatin encapsulation line consists of main machine, conveyer, fluidizing forming tumble, pneumatic ground gelatin tank, peristaltic pump ground tank, fluidizing pre-drying tumble, ultrasonic cleaning machine, ground feeder, caterpillar final-dryer, semi-automatic inspection machine. Siemens touch screen and PLC computer-controlled system are used in the main machine of the production line. The whole production process of the main machine can be controlled via network. The main machine contains reserved network interfaces that enable the networking with computers of pharmaceutical factory to directly collect gelatin capsule production data and meet the requirements of modern pharmaceutical enterprise.
Siemens inverter is used to fulfill the infinitely variable speeds of the die roller of the main machine within 0-5 rpm. The fluidized drying system can make the capsule bodies keep in fluidization, which minimizes the friction either between the capsules or between the capsules and the inner wall of the tumble. Therefore, its drying efficiency is twice of that of conventional tumble. Ultrasonic is employed in the ultrasonic cleaning machine to clean the paraffin oil on the capsule bodies, which makes cleaning more thoroughly and quickly. The final-dryer has its own desiccation system and refrigeration system, which alleviates the requirement for the room temperature and humidity and save the occupation, also lowers the labor intensity of the workers. A vibrating screen is equipped in the semi-automatic inspection machine to pick out abnormal soft gelatin capsules, which enhances work efficiency, and reduces the contact between workers and materials to avoid cross infection. All of the capsule-contacting sections of production line are made of quality stainless steel that easily to be cleaned and meet the national GMP specifications.
The automatization of all the process in the production line can be fulfilled by conveying mechanism as required of customer to enhance the labour productivity greatly.

Process flow:
Melting gelatin and fill preparation
YWJ152 soft gelatin encapsulation pressed pill machine
YGJ-II fluid bed soft gelatin capsule pre-dryer
XWJ-II ultrasonic soft gelatin capsule cleaning machine
SLJ-II ground feeder
LWJ-I caterpillar fully automatic dryer
FJ-I semi-automatic inspection machine
Blistering packaging and box packaging
Pressed Pill Machine:
The key of gelatin encapsulation production lies in filling and sealing process. The machine features precise loading and high productivity. Siemens and PLC computerized detection and control system make the temperature of the sprinkler, gelatin box, gelatin tank be adjusted automatically, feeding process be operated automatically. The operation of the conveyer and the fluidized forming tumble is also controlled by PLC automatically. Such a high automatic level is suitable for the production industries such as medicine, cosmetic and food. (YWJ-IIP soft gelatin encapsulation pressed pill machine, with conventional electric control system instead of PLC control, is also available, which is with the domestic technical condition.)
Overall dimension:160×630×1900mm
Weight: 950Kg
Technical parameters:

Control system: PLC automatic control
Power supply: 380V/220V,50Hz
Gross power (encapsulation room): 8Kw
Main motor power: 380V,1.5Kw
Cool air temperature: 8-12oC
Cool air flow: 500m3/h
Die roller revolution: 0-5rpm,adjustable variable speed
Die roller size: diameter: 103×152mm
Difference in loading: ±2%
Single plunger charge of feeding pump: 0-2ml
power supply: Ensuring uninterrupted power supply
Voltage fluctuation: ±10%
Frequency fluctuation: ±5%
Electric heating tube: 220V,200W(six)
Electric heating magnetic: 220V,45w(two)

YGJ-II Fluid Bed Soft Gelatin Capsule Pre-Dryer:
Fluid bed soft gelatin capsule pre-dryer is the pre-drying equipment of soft gelatin capsules. It consists of four sections of tumbles, four fans and electric control system. Each of the four sections can rotate in both directions. It can reduce the moisture content in the skin of soft gelatin capsules to about 25%. Drying method: fluid-bed drying, i.e. the drying system can blow the pill bodies to be fluidized, which minimizes the friction either between the pills or between the pills and the inner wall of the tumble. Therefore, its drying efficiency is twice of that of conventional tumble. Vibratory feeding system is equipped at the gelatin capsule entrance.

Technical parameters
Capacity: 25000pills/hrs
Operation: continuously running
Tumble size: diameter 523x620mm
Fan air flow: 3300m3/hx4
Gross power: 3.28Kw
Overall dimension: 3140x1285x1123mm
Weight: 900Kg

XWJ-II ultrasonic soft gelatin capsule cleaning machine:
The paraffin oil used as lubricant must be cleaned up during the pressing process of soft gelatin capsules. One-round cleaning of the gelatin capsules can be operated on the machine without squeezing between the capsules.
The cleaning process is divided into: ultrasonic soak cleaning, immersion, separation of pill bodies and alcohol, and spraying;
Cleaning method: ultrasonic cleaning;
Cleaning cycle (from feeding to discharging): about 45second.
Technical parameters:

Cleaning capacity: (8# soft gelatin capsules, 500mg/pill)36000pills/hrs
Operation: continuously running
Gross power: 2.2Kw
Power supply: three-phase five-wire system,380V/50Hz
Overall dimension: 1200x920x1300mm
Weight: 200Kg

SLJ-II ground feeder:

Ground feeder is the auxiliary product for the caterpillar fully automatic dryer developed based on the feeding characterizes of caterpillar dryer and integration of vibratory feeding and lifting principle.
The work method is infinitely stage transmission
Technical parameters:
Feeding height: 2m
Feeding speed: 10-30l/h
Gross power: 300W
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Overall dimension: 850x350x2600mm
Weight: 200Kg

LWJ-I caterpillar fully automatic dryer:
Caterpillar fully automatic dryer is an important equipment for the final drying of the soft gelatin capsules. It has its own desiccation system (Japanese ceramic roller is used, which is cleanable, nonflammable, and with a life over 10 years) and refrigeration system, which alleviates the requirement for the room temperature and humidity. The whole drying process is fully automatic with manually agitation unnecessary. During the drying process, there are not overlapping and squeezing of the pills. The requirements of uniformity, low temperature and low humidity is met. The disintegration time of the capsule is shortened, the pills have no damage and adhesion. Drying is quickly finished to make the moisture content in the skin of the gelatin capsules lower than 14% that be in agree with the requirements in national pharmacopoeia.
Technical parameters:

Capacity: 25000 pills/hr for the soft gelatin capsules that have been pre-dried
Drying cycle: 6-10h for the soft gelatin capsules that have been pre-dried
Equipment operation: infinitely stage transmission
Desiccation capacity: 6kg/h
Power supply: three-phase five-wire system, 380V/50Hz
Gross power: 9Kw
Overall dimension: 2400x1770x2150mm
Weight: 2000Kg

FJ-I semi-automatic inspection machine:

FJ-I semi-automatic inspection machine is the most suitable equipment for screening of gelatin capsules and tablets. Two steps, i.e. automatic screening and manual sorting, are involved in working method. Vacuum suction device is deployed to avoid cross infection.
Technical parameters:
Applications: tailored die roller
Feeding speed: infinitely variable speeds
Operation: continuously running
Power supply: 380V/50Hz
Gross power: 2Kw
Overall dimension: 2000x1000x1200mm
Weight: 150Kg

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